Sara L.


“High Level” Villa

Villa Alta is amazing.

We immediately fell for its balance between the elegance of its architecture and the cosiness of its warm, pastel colors. We didn’t want a place which would turn out too cold, austere or dark.

Very easy too reach from Pisa, the Villa is a little bit elevated: a bus is provided, for a short one minute trip to the terrace, from which you can admire a view of the all city of Pisa (Tower included), its surrounding lands reaching the sea. The delightful terrace is also sourronded by mountains and a typical Tuscany landscape ( olive trees, lemmon trees). The adjacent Italian Garden, with its roses and statues of Cherubs, is a little jewel and a very good setting for photographs.

The Villa is made of many rooms, of different colors and very bright: a cheerful and diversified structure, allowing anybody who would need it ( groups of people, parents with children), to have a moment of intimacy, withouth being isolated. Ancient and historically important (here Chianti was invented), the Villa is nevertheless very well maintened, clean, flawless.

Monica e Raffaella were very professional, kind and friendly. They adapted to our specific needs and communication was always smooth and easy. They are very experienced and always ready, for who would need it, to give advice or provide contacts for other services. They speak English and have helped many international couples to get married in their Villa.

Guests were enthusiast. We had challenged the weather, having set the date for October 29th, but even on a cloudy day, the terrace showed a sky full of colors, beautiful, romantic shades.

Last but not least, a special mention to the Bed and Breakfast included in the offer. Spending the night in the Villa, discovering the little paths and views from the garden in the evening and in the morning after… all of this contributed to the uniqueness of the experience. Breakfast was rich and varied (pancakes, croissants, pastries, eggs …) : a final surprise, very much appreciated (brides are too nervous to eat during their wedding sometimes) , which ended the experience on a sweet note.

Camere: 5/5


Servizio: 5/5


Posizione: 5/5