Best Price Guaranteed

Best Price Guaranteed

Monica, Alessandro e Raffaella


Monica, Alessandro, and Raffaella, two sisters and a brother. In 2012, they embarked on this adventure, thanks to the teachings and shared experience passed down by their father, Armando Cecchetti, along with his wife Maria Rosa, who had already owned the Villa since 1992.

Armando passed away in 2008, but the love for this place, the history it tells, the memories, and the memorable moments were enough to convince Monica, Alessandro, and Raffaella to take care of the family villa and transform it into a reference point in the world of hospitality and weddings.



Our passion and love for this place have allowed us over the years to gain experience, meet many people from all over the world, some of whom have become loyal customers who choose to stay at our property every year. The combination of all these elements has allowed us to continually improve and make enhancements to the Villa without altering its essence.



We speak Italian, English, French, Spanish, Greek, Albanian, German: if yours isn’t among these, we’ll learn it with you!


Villa Alta is an extended family.

During your stay, in addition to Monica, Alessandro, and Raffaella, the hosts of Villa Alta, you’ll also meet Florian, skilled hands and mind at Villa Alta since 2012.

Vincenzo and Michele are the gardeners of Villa Alta. The care of the gardens and the park is for them a passion before it is a job.

And then there’s Nonna Maria Rosa, mother of Monica, Alessandro, and Raffaella; the aesthete of the family, to whom the Villa owes its touch of class and charm.