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Best Price Guaranteed



As soon as you pass through our entrance gate, you’ll find yourself in a natural paradise: a border of boxwood opening onto a large English lawn will welcome you; the white road, framed by towering ancient cypress trees, will lead you to the villa, where your stay will begin in utmost privacy, and time will seem to stand still.



Surrounding Villa Alta is a flourishing three-hectare park, where you can pause to relax, choosing to rest on one of the panoramic benches you’ll encounter along the way and enjoy the view of the plain, or you can decide to stroll through it and discover the varieties of plants, trees, and scents present. Lebanese cedars, oranges, grapefruits, magnolias, cypresses, a rose garden, and around 800 ancient olive trees will frame your stay.


The vegetation of Villa Alta

The dirt road is lined with cypresses, plane trees, oaks, palms, laurel hedges, yucca plants, oleanders, acacias, holly, and bamboo canes.

On the hill behind the villa lies an olive grove with around 800 olive trees.

Ancient trees: cedar, oaks, holm oaks, magnolias, and plane trees.
Orchard: grapefruits, oranges, apples, pears, cherries, plums, figs, persimmons, and mandarins.
Shrubs: laurel, Japanese quince, pittosporum, boxwood hedges, privet, oleander, fragrant olive, yew, and cacti.
Climbing plants: white and purple wisteria, ivy, trumpet vine, euonymus, and aucuba.
Aromatic plants: Caper plants, lavender, and a hedge of rosemary line the pedestrian path.
Flowers: hydrangeas, peonies, calla lilies, irises, forsythias, and roses.



Mens sana in corpore sano. Why abandon good and healthy habits on vacation?

At Villa Alta, you can choose to engage in outdoor physical activities. The surrounding landscape, the scents of the plants and trees around the villa, and the tranquility of the place will help you find mental as well as physical well-being. On the olive hill, in a panoramic position, there is a space dedicated to Outdoor Fitness, where you can engage in outdoor activities and use the available equipment. You can engage in cardio and aerobic activities or decide to do yoga or meditation, all while enjoying the natural view.

If you prefer running or walking, you can do so in the park around the villa.



As the white road ends, our private park opens up, revealing the grand staircase leading to the villa’s panoramic terrace, adorned with frescoes and grotesques from the school of Nicola Torricini. From here, you can overlook the entire plain, gaze until you spot the famous Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, and on clear days, see the sea in the distance, Gorgona, Livorno, and Montenero.

Time stands still, and all the beauties reveal themselves to you, with simplicity.



As you step onto the terrace, momentarily drawn away from the breathtaking panorama, you’ll find the entrance to the villa behind you. Passing through the historic door, you’ll enter a luxurious and very spacious lounge. It’s impossible not to notice the 19th-century parquet flooring and the marvelous half-moon canvas depicting a muse playing the lyre, painted using the ‘grass-thread’ technique attributed to Jean-Baptiste Desmarais.

From the living room, you can access the Italian garden, meticulously maintained over the centuries: a small intimate corner where you can retreat for a quiet reading or to enjoy the silence offered by nature.

After check-in, we will escort you to your rooms.