Breakfast, Lunch, AND APPETIZERS

Best price guaranteed

Best price guaranteed



On the ground floor of the Villa, you will find our breakfast served. You can choose to enjoy it inside the Villa, in one of the three frescoed rooms available, or directly on the terrace; in both cases, you’ll be surrounded by the wonderful view of the plains and the surrounding greenery.

The buffet breakfast, available in the morning, will allow you to choose between sweet and savory foods. The dishes and cakes are prepared directly on-site by our cook; for the pastry, instead, we rely on a trusted local bakery. We are very attentive and strict in selecting raw materials and seasonal fruit.
All these ingredients and the view you can enjoy during breakfast will give you the right energy to start your day.
Upon request, we can also prepare specific dishes for you.


Lunch and Aperitifs

The aperitifs served to the guests of Villa Alta are a true journey through flavors and culinary traditions, designed to delight the palate and create an atmosphere of conviviality and pleasure. The selection ranges from light and refreshing options to more hearty and rich proposals, aiming to satisfy every taste and preference.

Alongside the classic wines, a selection of cocktails is offered, served with boards of local cured meats and cheeses paired with jams and honeys to enhance their flavors.

The attention to detail and the careful selection of ingredients make the aperitifs at Villa Alta a moment of pure pleasure, where every guest can find their own corner of taste, blending tradition and innovation in a welcoming and refined atmosphere.