Cristina A.


In one sentence: We would give Villa Alta even a 6th star if possible.

We celebrated our wedding at Villa Alta and had parts of our family staying some days before and later. Our overall experience was excellent. This was not only due to the place itself (which is a jewel) but also to the two owners (Monica and Raffaella) who helped us a lot with organising the wedding. For example, they suggested and put us in contact with external providers, while leaving the final choices to us and supported us from the beginning to the end.

There are many villas in that area that are suitable for weddings or family events. What convinced us with Villa Alta is that it not only has an amazing view (you can see the tower of Pisa at the horizon and sometimes even the sea) and surroundings but also a very nice and elegant interior. We stayed in the Aranci suite – which is very well renovated with a great tasteful bathroom. The other rooms are also very beautiful. Also our family members who stayed at the Villa praised the unforgettable experience, and the guests who attended the event were all really impressed by this fabulous place.

So all in all an amazing experience, which we strongly recommend. Thank you so much Monica and Raffaella!

Rooms: 5/5


Service: 5/5


Location: 5/5